All You Need To Know About Shoulder Holsters

SHOULDER-HOLSTER-DOUBLE-HARNESSThere are many different types of holsters that are available to you, both online and in stores. There are a wide variety of ankle holsters, inside and outside waistband holders, along with many more, including the shoulder holster. This holster is generally composed of two straps that cross in the back, creating a look similar to the backpack. On one side of the backpack is the holster, and on the other side you can put your ammo. These useful holsters offer the wearer a number of distinct advantages:

• No Need For A Belt – Not all situations are ideal for belt wearing. You may find them uncomfortable, annoying, or you might not be wearing pants with belt loops. Either way, a shoulder holster makes things convenient by not forcing you to wear a belt when you don’t need to.

• Can Quickly Draw Weapon – With a little bit of practice, you can be assured that the shoulder holster is optimal when you’re in a situation that requires you to act quickly. By getting the shoulder holster that fits your needs, you can have a quick way to draw your weapon, without hassle, if need be.

• Good For People With Back Or Hip Pain – By having all of the weight of your holster spread evenly across your back, pain in both the hips and back can be greatly reduced. You will no longer have weight pressing down on your hip causing you pain, instead you will be able to protect yourself without discomfort.

• Can Be Used Sitting Down – Sometimes you are put into situations that are just not ideal with a waistband holster – like when you’re sitting down. Situations like these may come often if you are a police officer, in which case always carrying your weapon in a shoulder holster is advisable. With a good shoulder holster, you can easily retrieve you weapon, even when sitting down, something that can’t easily be achieved with a waistband holster.
No matter what your situation is, an what your needs are, there is a holster out there for you. If you want something discrete, fast, comfortable, and convenient, than you should consider a shoulder holster. They will save you time and struggles, and at times these holsters can be the difference between life and death. To get started, visit a good holster site or store, and find the perfect shoulder holster for you.

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