Pancake Style Holsters

This style is sleek and trim, and is worn on the outside of your pants, attached to your belt. If you are considering going for this style, there are some distinct things that you probably want to know about these beauties.
• The pancake style holster gives you a high level of security and stability. This is because the holster is attached to your pants though your belt, so you don’t have to worry about the holster sliding and slipping around when it’s not supposed to. Your belt will keep it firmly in place in whatever position around your waist that you choose.
• Pancake style holsters offer you the highest level of comfort possible when it comes to the various holster styles available to you. This is because the pancake style holsters is an outside the waistband holster, which are known to be comfortable because they are worn on the outside of your pants, as opposed to the inside. These holsters also provide you with an excellent fit because of their sleek, contoured style, and a great fit can further add to your level of comfort. With a pancake style holster you’ll never feel especially uncomfortable.
• Pancake style holsters look great. While this is probably not your primary motive when it comes to purchasing your holster, showing off a bit can be fun. The pancake style holsters are more “flat” looking than other holster styles, and because of this feature, the holster creates a sleek and contoured look. This not only adds good looks to the holster, but at times it can also help with concealment, because the pancake style holster looks less bulky than a more traditional waistband holster.
When you are deciding which holster style is right for you and your needs, it is always crucial to do the research beforehand in order to make a successful purchase. Pancake holsters are sleek and refined, comfortable, and offers you a good level of security. This holster is not suited for everyone, but if you think you’d do well with a pancake style holster, than visit a leading holster company, such as Holster Land.

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