The Evolution Holster

Many online holster sites, along with traditional gun and holster stores, are now starting to sell more and more holster brands and varieties. A great product that many stores now sell is the Evolution Holster series made by Fobus. This new style product is a top of the line holster that serves its purpose well, and can be a great holster for a wide variety of individuals. If you want to know about more about the Evolution holster, than read on to see why many people are now purchasing these versatile holsters.
• The Evolution provides you with the same degree of excellence that all of Fobus products do. The Evolution is made of the highest quality materials, and won’t weigh you down with its lightweight design. This versatile holster also has features that all Fobus models contain, such as a protective sight channel and steel reinforced rivet attachment.

• With the new Evolution holster series, you will be guaranteed comfort. The holster is lightweight, so won’t cause any hip or back pain. In addition, the Evolution comes with a special rubberized insert that will maximize both your comfort and your stability – this holsters got everything covered.

• This is one of the best holsters out there, and you have a full range of customization available with this holster, that may not be possible with other holster brands or models. The Evolution series of holsters come equipped with something that makes it customizable for you: a tension adjustment screw. This allows you to adjust both presentation and retention.

• The Evolution holster is sleek and looks great. If you are paying attention to how your holster looks and feels, than this holster is the way to go. With its rugged looks, the Evolution holster will look great whether it’s on you or not currently in use. Show it off to your buddies, go ahead make them jealous.
Making a decision on which holster to purchase can be a long, drawn out process, especially with all of the excellent products that are out there on the market. If you’re looking for the best of the best, the Evolution is a good place to start. This revolutionary holster comes in a variety of styles, which all look great, are customizable to your needs, and are of the highest quality possible. All Evolution holsters are created with care and precision, and are just waiting to be purchased by the right people.

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