Thumb Break Holsters – Are They Worth It?

When you are in the market for a new gun holster, you will likely be bombarded with various choices. You have to choose the brand, the style, where on your body you’d like the holster to be, and if you want your holster to have a thumb break or not. While some people will always prefer to have one equipped on their holster, many people prefer not to have one, or won’t even consider buying one. If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy a thumb break holster, than consider these things beforehand. • Having one of these holsters will not save you time, rather, it will actually cost you time. In a non life threatening situation, this may not matter, but if your life is actually in danger, you’re going to need all of the time that you can possibly get. Because an extra step is needed to draw your weapon when it is in a holster with a thumb break, it generally takes more time to get your weapon out, especially if you are under pressure and fumble around a bit whilst trying to undo the break. With a little bit of practice, you should be able to use this style holster as quickly as an open top holster.

• Holsters with a thumb break are not common practice anymore, but they used to be. In most situations nowadays, it is best to not have the thumb break, because at times they can be slow and even dangerous. Certain individuals and situations could still benefit from a thumb break holster, such as weapons belonging to police officers – these can still benefit from a holster with a thumb break. When you need a new holster, whether it be because your previous model is becoming worn and overused, or because you are just starting out, you need to make sure that the new holster is a good fit for you. Safety and speed are many people’s number one concern, and for good reasons. This is why man people opt out of thumb break holsters that can erase seconds off the clock in dangerous situations. Certain people, such as officers of the law, may still desire a thumb break holster, and they are still available to purchase from leading companies and web sites, such as Holster Land. No matter which direction you choose to take, make sure you purchase the appropriate holster for your weapon and lifestyle.

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