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Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of firearms, or are an experienced veteran, chances are you’ve heard of or seen a 1911 style firearm. These top notch guns have stood the test of time, and are still one of the best handguns you can purchase, 100 years after their debut. The 1911 style of firearm was first used in the military, and was their primary, go to weapon of choice for over 50 years, and in some areas of the military is still used today. So what makes these guns, which are now manufactured by a number of companies, so great? Why are they still celebrated and widely used? Read on and find out for yourself..

1911 style handguns are a part of history, and many people value them for that. Without the original 1911 firearm we might not be where we are today. They simply saved us during war. The guns the military were previously using just weren’t cutting it, and shortly after this was realized the newly made 1911 came to the rescue, and saved us, and we triumphed.

After that, the military continued to use the handguns because of their superiority to other similar models. Many companies had helped to create extra guns for the soldiers, and they just continued to manufacture them. It didn’t take long for people other than the military to get their hands on these firearms, and people are still rushing to get themselves one. These guns aren’t bought only because they’re a unique piece of history though..

People also scramble to purchase these style guns because they are quick, safe, and reliable – all three of which are qualities most commonly wanted when purchasing a gun. On top of that, they look good. Who doesn’t want a gun that will provide them with speed and accuracy when they need it each and every time. all whilst preserving a high level of safety?

The 1911 style handguns certainly are a great piece of history, and they’ll likely be remembered for an endless amount of time. Even though they’re not the main weapon used for military purposes anymore, they’re still widely used by people in all areas. If you’re looking for a great gun with an amazing historical background, than look no further than a 1911. Be sure to find one that matches your needs, and get a high quality leather holster to carry it in from www.holsterland.com- it’ll feel good to be carrying a piece of history around with you.


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