Concealed Carry – What Not To Do

Once you obtain your concealed carry permit, you may think your good and golden. Sometimes people carrying a concealed weapon reek of confidence, and walk around thinking that no harm can come to them now that they are carrying a firearm. This could not be farther from the truth. As someone carrying a concealed gun, it is still important to stay out of dangerous situations. In short, don’t make yourself a target unnecessarily. Here are some things you shouldn’t do as a concealed carry permit holder.
• Don’t draw attention to yourself. This one should be obvious. Do not constantly adjust your gun, and don’t keep checking to make sure it hasn’t moved. This will draw unnecessary attention to yourself, which is the last thing that you want. The whole point of concealed carry is to keep it concealed – so make sure that is done before you even step outside your door. You want to keep the element of surprise if a dangerous situation does arrive.

• Don’t get overconfident. As said above, just because you are carrying around a gun and no one knows it, doesn’t make you invincible. Proceed with caution when needed, act just as you would if you weren’t carrying a concealed firearm. Basically don’t get cocky, don’t act like your badass, and most importantly, don’t purposely get into bad situations.

• Do not – ever – let your gun get into someone else’s hands. Make sure you know where it is at, at all times. Your weapon is registered in your name, and you don’t want someone else getting a hold of it, because the consequences can be drastic. Not only can your own weapon be used against you, but what’s going to happen if someone else uses a gun, registered in your name, to commit a violent crime?

• Lastly, don’t neglect your gun. Clean both your weapon, and holster, on a regular basis. Don’t let grime and dirt accumulate on either of these, it is crucial that you keep both in tip top shape. Another thing not to neglect is practice. When a dangerous situation presents itself, it is vital that you are prepared. Practice makes perfect when it comes to firearms and holsters.

Make sure not to do the above things, and likely everything will go great for you. It is important that you follow certain rules when you have a concealed carry permit, and these rules and recommendations are in place for good reasons. Need a new holster or gun accessory? Visit Holster Land today.

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3 Responses to Concealed Carry – What Not To Do

    Michael Kelly says:

    This article definitely sets a lot of people straight. You can’t go around acting like you’re the man just because you have a concealed weapon. You need to be careful at all times and take care of your weapon. Great article!

  1. Great info on what you must pay attention to when carrying. You always need to be careful!

    Jake Matthews says:

    This article has some phenomenal insight on what you need to be wary of when carrying a concealed weapon. There are certain things that need to be tended to and this article makes those things clear. Keep it up!

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