40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher GP-34

40 mm underbarrel grenade launcher GP-34

GP-34 underbarrel grenade launcherAK74M with an underbarrel grenade launcher GP-34 mountedGP-34 underbarrel grenade launcher

The GP-34 is a light weight, compact, single-shot underbarrel grenade launcher designed to engage exposed targets or targets located in trenches or reverse sides of slopes at a distance from 100 to 400 m.

The GP-34 fits 5.45, 5.56 and 7.62 mm assault rifles made by JSC “Concern “Izhmash”: AKM, AKMS, AK74, AKS74, AK74M, AK101, AK103 and AN-94. If necessary, a shooter can fire an assault rifle with a grenade launcher mounted.

The sight makes it possible to launch grenades along flat or curved trajectories.

The GP-34 fires VOG-25 or VOG-25M fragmentation grenades, VOG-25P or VOG-25PM fragmentation bounding grenades, and VDG-25 smoke grenades.

The unused round can be withdrawn from the launcher with an extractor.

The GP-34 features the following advantages:

  • It is designed and tested specifically for the Kalashnikov assault rifles, fits such assault rifles directly without any adaptors or forearm dismantling.
    Improved safety

  • The GP-34 is 100% failure-free thanks to improved firing mechanism.
  • The design prevents a round from moving within or falling out of the barrel, even if the muzzle looks down.
  • The GP-34 features an additional mechanism (firing pin safety lever) to improve safety during loading.
    Improved sight, better accuracy.
    Improved extractor – for easier extraction of an unused round under stringent conditions.
    Operating temperature range – from -50 to +50 С.
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