On 13 through 16 October “Izhmash” will take part in the Arms & Hunting 2013 Moscow International Show in “Gostiny Dvor”.

At the Arms & Hunting Show “Izhmash” will present a wide range of products for enthusiasts of chasing and game-shooting – more than four dozens of items in total. Here one can see both the traditional models and novelties of the famous families of the “Izhmash” guns – “Saiga”, “Tigr”, “Los”, “Bars”, “Medved” and others.

As novelties the following pieces of weapons will come to the Show: “Saiga-22” (version 04) autoloading rifle, which exterior features maximally correspond to those of the AKM assault rifle. It fires an affordable small-caliber .22LR (5.6mm) cartridge, thus making it possible to use this rifle as a training firearm; “Saiga” and “Los” hunting rifles designed for the .243 Win cartridge with high muzzle velocity; IZH-9×19 export autoloading rifle chambered for the 9x 19 pistol cartridge developed on the basis of the “Vityaz-SN” submachine gun;

On fire


“Saiga-12” autoloading rifle features the “Lancaster”-bore barrel considerably enhancing accuracy of fire while firing with the slugs; BI-7-5 (version 20) pneumatic rifle is developed on the basis of the PCP biathlon rifle and demonstrates an excellent pattern while firing; “Yastreb” revolver rifle fires with the .22LR and .22WMR cartridges. It is built on the design concept of the famous Nagant revolver. While developing and making a number of novelties, new polymer coatings have been used thus making the rifles more reliable and durable.

Mass start of competitors

- “Izhmash” has a lot of products in the field of hunting and sporting guns and a wide experience in making them, and our aim at the Show is to demonstrate this potential to the full extent”,- Maxim Kuzyuk, director general of the “Scientific Production Association “Izhmash” JSC says. – We consider production of the civilian weapons to be of the same importance in our activities as the manufacture of the special-purpose products, and presently the works for its further development are under way.


We’ll keep on enhancing the consumer-attractive features of our products: accuracy of aim and fire, ergonomics and quality. We have already implemented several dozens of improvements, which we are ready to show in the models presented at the Show. Besides improving the products, we are working over the ties with our dealers. We consider one of the main priorities to be an effective interaction with the Russian federal and regional dealers. We are sure, that the Arms & Hunting 2011 Show will give us an opportunity to make a considerable progress in restoring the relations and getting new contacts.”

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The Arms & Hunting Moscow International Show is one of the largest Russian forums of the civil weapons. Over 400 companies representing three dozens world countries participated in the Arms & Hunting Show in 2012.




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