SAIGA self-loading hunting carbines

The “Saiga” self-loading hunting carbines are designed for hunting under various climatic conditions.

Saiga self-loading hunting carbines

The “Saiga” carbines are based on the venerable АК Kalashnikov assault rifle and may come in the following versions:

“Saiga” is chambered for 7.62х39 and .223 Rem cartridges;
“Saiga-M”, “Saiga-М3″, “Saiga-MK” are chambered for 7.62х39 and .223 Rem cartridges;
“Saiga-5.6″, “Saiga-5.6S” are chambered for 5.6х39 cartridge;
“Saiga-308″ is chambered for 7.62х51 (.308Win) cartridge;
“Saiga-9″ is chambered for 9x53R cartridge.

The specifications of the used cartridges are given in the Table. Use only the certified cartridges for safe firing. The carbines are reloaded automatically due to the energy of the powder combustion gases, bled from the barrel bore and the energy of the return spring as well. The barrel bore is locked on turning the bolt round its axis whilst the bolt support slides lengthwise. The trigger and firing mechanism of a hammer type allows it to deliver single-shot fire and to set the carbines at safe.

The safety of a lever type is sited on the right side of the receiver. The barrel bore and chamber are chrome-plated. The magazines of a different capacity are made of the impact-resistant polymer or wood (walnut, beech, birch). To make firing more comfortable the wooden butt may be equipped with a cheek and rubber pad.

The iron sight consists of the sight leaf and front sight adjustable for windage and elevation.

The range of the aimed fire through the iron sight is 300 m.

Found on the receiver left side is an unified rail for the optical sight accommodation. The iron sight allows to deliver aimed fire with the optical sight in place.

The carbines modifications have different versions of the main assembly units: butt, fore end, front-sight base, etc.

Versions of the butt design:
permanent hunting butt;
quick-detachable hunting butt. The butt is locked by means of the spring-loaded retainer. The length of the carbines without the butt is just over 800 mm;
skeleton wooden butt (with a thumbhole).

Additionally, some modifications may have the following butt designs:

permanent butt and pistol grip of the AK rifle type;
polymer-or metal-frame butt and pistol grip of the AK rifle type, folding to the left. The length of the rifle with the folded butt is reduced by 240 mm.

Versions of the fore end design:
hunting fore end;
fore end and gas-tube guard of the AK rifle type.
Versions of the front-sight base design:
with a shot taper flash suppresser;
with a long cylindrical flash suppresser;
without flash suppressor;
integral with gas cylinder.

Design features of some modifications and versions:
- “Saiga-M” – the modernized version of “Saiga” carbines having the following changes: the heavier receiver, elongated barrel (555 mm), bolt with three locking lugs;
“Saiga-M3″ – “Saiga-M” version with the folding butt and pistol grip of the AK type;
“Saiga-MK” – “Saiga-M” version with the shortened barrel (415 mm) and interlocking not allowing to deliver fire with the butt folded;
“Saiga-5.6S” – “Saiga-5.6″ version with the folding butt and pistol grip of the AK type.

The rifle complete set of delivery includes: the accessories in container, cleaning rod and oiler. On special order the carbines may be delivered with an optical sight and a mount, a carrying case and a sling as well.

Specifications of carbines Saiga, Saiga-M, Saiga-MЗ, Saiga-MK Saiga-5.6, Saiga-5.6S Saiga-308 Saiga-9
Caliber, mm 7.62 5.56 5.6 7.62 9
Cartridge 7.62х39 .223Rem
(5.56х45) 5.6х39 .308Win
(7.62х51) 9x53R
Barrel length, mm 520, 555 or 415* 520 555 555
Carbine weight, empty magazine, kg, max 3.8 3.8 4.1 4.1
Magazine capacity, rds. 5 or 10 10 10 8 or 5 5
*For Saiga-MK carbine

Specifications of cartridges
Cartridge designation Bullet weight, gr Muzzle velocity, m/s Muzzle energy, J Application
7.62х39 8…9.7 700…625 approx 1950 Small-and big size game hunting
.223Rem (5.56х45) 3.6…4.5 990…910 approx 1800
5.6х39 3.5 900 approx 1400
.308 Win (7.62х51) 9.7…11.7 870…800 approx 3700 Big-and medium-size game hunting
9.3х53R 15 670 approx 3400


Saiga-M with skeleton wooden butt                        Saiga-MK with metal-frame butt and                                                                                             pistol grip of the AK assault rifle type.



Saiga-308 with detachable butt                               Saiga-5.6S with folding butt.





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