SM-2KO hunting rifle

SM-2KO hunting rifleThe SM-2KO hunting rifle is built on the basis of a host target rifle SM-2, and is intended for hunting small and winged game.

SM-2KO hunting rifle

The iron sight makes it possible to deliver aimed fire at the range of 25 m and 75 m.

The trigger mechanism of the rifle allows to adjust trigger pull, trigger release character (smooth or “with warning”Smilie: ;) and trigger travel.

The safety in the working position makes inert both the trigger and bolt.

The 5.6 mm (.22 LR) rim-fire cartridges are used for firing.

The rifle comes with three 5-round magazines and one 10-round magazine, accessories for cleaning and lubricating, a carrying sling and soft case.

On Customer’s order the rifle may be complete with an optical sight and mounts to accept it. It is also available with no magazine (for single-shot fire) equipped with a tray for convenience in loading.

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