On 13 through 16 October “Izhmash” will take part in the Arms & Hunting 2013 Moscow International Show in “Gostiny Dvor”.

At the Arms & Hunting Show “Izhmash” will present a wide range of products for enthusiasts of chasing and game-shooting – more than four dozens of items in total. Here one can see both the traditional models and novelties of the famous families of the “Izhmash” guns – “Saiga”, “Tigr”, “Los”, “Bars”, “Medved” and others.

As novelties the following pieces of weapons will come to the Show: “Saiga-22” (version 04) autoloading rifle, which exterior features maximally correspond to those of the AKM assault rifle. It fires an affordable small-caliber .22LR (5.6mm) cartridge, thus making it possible to use this rifle as a training firearm; “Saiga” and “Los” hunting rifles designed for the .243 Win cartridge with high muzzle velocity; IZH-9×19 export autoloading rifle chambered for the 9x 19 pistol cartridge developed on the basis of the “Vityaz-SN” submachine gun;

On fire


“Saiga-12” autoloading rifle features the “Lancaster”-bore barrel considerably enhancing accuracy of fire while firing with the slugs; BI-7-5 (version 20) pneumatic rifle is developed on the basis of the PCP biathlon rifle and demonstrates an excellent pattern while firing; “Yastreb” revolver rifle fires with the .22LR and .22WMR cartridges. It is built on the design concept of the famous Nagant revolver. While developing and making a number of novelties, new polymer coatings have been used thus making the rifles more reliable and durable.

Mass start of competitors

- “Izhmash” has a lot of products in the field of hunting and sporting guns and a wide experience in making them, and our aim at the Show is to demonstrate this potential to the full extent”,- Maxim Kuzyuk, director general of the “Scientific Production Association “Izhmash” JSC says. – We consider production of the civilian weapons to be of the same importance in our activities as the manufacture of the special-purpose products, and presently the works for its further development are under way.


We’ll keep on enhancing the consumer-attractive features of our products: accuracy of aim and fire, ergonomics and quality. We have already implemented several dozens of improvements, which we are ready to show in the models presented at the Show. Besides improving the products, we are working over the ties with our dealers. We consider one of the main priorities to be an effective interaction with the Russian federal and regional dealers. We are sure, that the Arms & Hunting 2011 Show will give us an opportunity to make a considerable progress in restoring the relations and getting new contacts.”

For reference:

The Arms & Hunting Moscow International Show is one of the largest Russian forums of the civil weapons. Over 400 companies representing three dozens world countries participated in the Arms & Hunting Show in 2012.




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18.5 KS-K military shotgun

Kalashnikov automatic weapons system was used to design the KS-K military shotgun.

The KS-K shotgun is similar to the Kalashnikov assault rifle in its layout. The shotgun has the minimal number of parts and can be easily assembled and dismantled. All that makes the gun easy to operate and maintain, and facilitates the training of shooters.

Shock-absorbing butt plate and ergonomic plastic grip allow safe operation of the gun and enhance handling convenience. The stock folds to the left.

The shotgun is equipped with the magazine guide for easy charging. The 8-round detachable magazine and automatic bolt stop significantly increase the combat rate of fire.

The magazine can be charged with any twelve gauge ammunition – even 70, 73 and 76 mm long at the same time. The shotgun can fire both standard and non-lethal ammunition.

Picatinny rails on the top of the receiver and on the gas tube accommodate a wide range of optoelectronic scopes, a tactical light or a laser target designator.

AK-type iron sight makes it possible to swiftly aim at a target at a relevant distance.

Different types of muzzle adapters and barrel extenders can be fitted on the threaded muzzle. The standard slotted adapter reduces the flash during the firing and makes it possible to destroy door locks by resting the barrel against the obstacle.

The KS-K design ensures reliable operation and long life under any service conditions.


Caliber,                                         mm    12(18.25+0.25)

Ammunition                                12/70; 12/76

Magazine capacity,                    rds    8; 4

Weight (less magazine),          kg           3.8

Length, mm

- with stock unfolded        970
- with stock folded             725
Width,                                 mm   70

Height (less magazine),     mm              215

Practical rate of fire, rds/min, at least         40


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How to choose 1911

The 1911 style pistol is a historic emblem that made a true difference in our society. In fact, without the 1911 having come into play, we may have been in a very different place than we are today. Because of this, along with their reputation for being the absolute best, many people have the desire to own a 1911 style pistol. These people range from newcomers to firearms in general, to experienced individuals looking to make the next big step.

Once someone has made the decision to purchase one, they can easily become overwhelmed. There’s not just one or a few companies that manufacture 1911′s, but an abundance. There are so many to choose from, and there are multiple pistols in the 1911 style for everyone. Some people give up and never purchase one because of the endless array of options, and others simply choose the cheapest one possible. Then, there are others who conquer the choices and truly succeed. These few people make the decision slowly and take different factors into account. If you’re looking to be like one of these souls, if you want to get the right gun for you, follow these tips as a starting point.

  • Know what you want, and what your purpose is. If you want a gun to shoot a few times a year, than it may be okay to choose something relatively cheap, but if you’re an officer on duty or someone who wants a reliable weapon for concealed carry purposes you might want to upgrade to something better.


  • Know your budget. When searching for any new gun, knowing your budget ahead of time will help you out tremendously. That way, by process of elimination, you’ll only be looking at the guns in your specific price range.


  • Try out some 1911 pistols and see how they feel. Different styles will feel different for each person, and before you buy, you want to make sure that your new weapon is a comfortable fit for you. By trying some out early in the game, you can help assess which styles are a good fit for you.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. Many people feel that they’re not important enough to ask people for help, and this couldn’t be more untrue. Never hesitate to ask friends, relatives, and even the companies themselves for help and guidance – they might just teach you something new.

Choosing a new firearm can be a daunting thing, especially if it’s a 1911. You’re pressured to chose the perfect gun and you don’t know where to start. By following these tips, you can begin the journey and start narrowing down the choices one by one, as long as you’re not afraid to ask for help and figure out what’s right for you.

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1911 Advantages


Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of firearms, or are an experienced veteran, chances are you’ve heard of or seen a 1911 style firearm. These top notch guns have stood the test of time, and are still one of the best handguns you can purchase, 100 years after their debut. The 1911 style of firearm was first used in the military, and was their primary, go to weapon of choice for over 50 years, and in some areas of the military is still used today. So what makes these guns, which are now manufactured by a number of companies, so great? Why are they still celebrated and widely used? Read on and find out for yourself..

1911 style handguns are a part of history, and many people value them for that. Without the original 1911 firearm we might not be where we are today. They simply saved us during war. The guns the military were previously using just weren’t cutting it, and shortly after this was realized the newly made 1911 came to the rescue, and saved us, and we triumphed.

After that, the military continued to use the handguns because of their superiority to other similar models. Many companies had helped to create extra guns for the soldiers, and they just continued to manufacture them. It didn’t take long for people other than the military to get their hands on these firearms, and people are still rushing to get themselves one. These guns aren’t bought only because they’re a unique piece of history though..

People also scramble to purchase these style guns because they are quick, safe, and reliable – all three of which are qualities most commonly wanted when purchasing a gun. On top of that, they look good. Who doesn’t want a gun that will provide them with speed and accuracy when they need it each and every time. all whilst preserving a high level of safety?

The 1911 style handguns certainly are a great piece of history, and they’ll likely be remembered for an endless amount of time. Even though they’re not the main weapon used for military purposes anymore, they’re still widely used by people in all areas. If you’re looking for a great gun with an amazing historical background, than look no further than a 1911. Be sure to find one that matches your needs, and get a high quality leather holster to carry it in from www.holsterland.com- it’ll feel good to be carrying a piece of history around with you.


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Lethal weapons and the evolution of civilisation

From the very first spear to nuclear bombs, deadly weapons have directed the course of our cultural evolution

IT’S about 2 metres long, made of tough spruce wood and carved into a sharp point at one end. The widest part, and hence its centre of gravity, is in the front third, suggesting it was thrown like a javelin. At 400,000 years old, this is the world’s oldest spear. And, according to a provocative theory, on its carved length rests nothing less than the foundation of human civilisation as we know it, including democracy, class divisions and the modern nation state.

At the heart of this theory is a simple idea: the invention of weapons that could kill at a distance meant that power became uncoupled from physical strength. Even the puniest subordinate could now kill an alpha male, with the right weapon and a reasonable aim. Those who wanted power were forced to obtain it by other means – persuasion, cunning, charm – and so began the drive for the cognitive attributes that make us human. “In short, 400,000 years of evolution in the presence of lethal weapons gave rise to Homo sapiens,” says Herbert Gintis, an economist at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico who studies the evolution of social complexity and cooperation.

The puzzle of how humans became civilised has received new impetus from studies of the evolution of social organisation in other primates. These challenge the long-held view that political structure is a purely cultural phenomenon, suggesting that genes play a role too. If they do, the fact that we alone of all the apes have built highly complex societies becomes even more intriguing. Earlier this year, an independent institute called the Ernst Strüngmann Forum assembled a group of scientists in Frankfurt, Germany, to discuss how this complexity came about. Hot debate centred on the possibility that, at pivotal points in history, advances in lethal weapons technology drove human societies to evolve in new directions.

The idea that weapons have catalysed social change came to the fore three decades ago, when British anthropologist James Woodburn spent time with the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania. Their lifestyle, which has not changed in millennia, is thought to closely resemble that of our Stone Age ancestors, and Woodburn observed that they are fiercely egalitarian. Although the Hadza people include individuals who take a lead in different arenas, no one person has overriding authority. They also have mechanisms for keeping their leaders from growing too powerful – not least, the threat that a bully could be ambushed or killed in his sleep. The hunting weapon, Woodburn suggested, acts as an equaliser.

Some years later, anthropologist Christopher Boehm at the University of Southern California pointed out that the social organisation of our closest primate relative, the chimpanzee, is very different. They live in hierarchical, mixed-sex groups in which the alpha male controls access to food and females. In his 2000 book,Hierarchy in the Forest, Boehm proposed that egalitarianism arose in early hominin societies as a result of the reversal of this strength-based dominance hierarchy – made possible, in part, by projectile weapons. However, in reviving Woodburn’s idea, Boehm also emphasised the genetic heritage that we share with chimps. “We are prone to the formation of hierarchies, but also prone to form alliances in order to keep from being ruled too harshly or arbitrarily,” he says. At the Strüngmann forum, Gintis argued that this inherent tension accounts for much of human history, right up to the present day.

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History of 1911 Pistol

Throughout time and history, many great inventions have been made by amazing individuals with a keen eye for design. Little did most of these people know how valuable their inventions would be, like in the case of John Browning, the creator of the 1911 pistol. The pistol quickly made an impact, and still is today, what with numerous people all around the world owning their own copies. So, how did this firearm become so famous, and why?

Early in the 1900′s, Browning created the 1911 Colt, which was later noticed by the Armed Forces in March of 1911. Once this happen, the Armed Forces used the 1911 Colt as their go-to weapon at all times. Then, during world war two, a shortage of effective weapons took place, and this is where the 1911 style pistols really took their hold on America.

Many different companies all worked together to manufacture a huge number of 1911 pistols to supply the army with during the war, and that’s where these guns really made a difference and went down in history.

After the war, Browning continued to manufacture the original 1911 style guns, along with quite a few modified versions. These newly re-modified versions of the original classic where made with people other than the government or military in mind. Changes were made, such as shortening the barrel, which made the gun appeal to not only the small audience of the armed forces, but to gun carriers everywhere.

As more and more versions were created, the popularity of the 1911′s continued to grow, even past Browning’s death. In present day over ten different companies manufacture many different styles of the 1911, which are all very similar to the original.

People around the world continue to purchase these pistols on a regular basis, and for those who don’t yet own one, it is a distant dream. Even though it has been over a century since the pistols debut, they are still cherished and considered top notch in quality and performance.

If you’re interested in the 1911 style pistols after this very brief and condensed history, than be sure to check out all the current models available through various brands. After you’ve purchased one, or if you already have, be sure to purchase a high quality holster to accompany a high quality pistol, from a reputable store, such as <a href http://www.holsterland.com/”>Holster Land</a>. This was just a brief overview of one of the best pistols history, but if you do a simple search on Google you can provide yourselves with even more information about this spectacular historical emblem.

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Five Good Hammerless Revolvers

Five Good Hammerless Revolvers



Story by: David Higginbotham 







A double action (as opposed to double action only) revolver is versatile.  Cocking the hammer allows for a lighter trigger pull, which can mean much better accuracy.  But that isn’t really what you buy a snub nosed revolver for.  A more practical approach (especially if you own more than one gun) might be the hammerless variety.
If revolver devotees are a subculture of the firearms world, than the hammerless crowd are a subculture of the revolver world.  But the design works well for its intended purpose.  A hammerless revolver is cross between a backup gun and a get-off-me gun.  Their heavier double action only triggers further limit their accuracy (at any real distance).  But they are not target guns, so it hardly matters.

Hammerless is a misnomer.  Most of these revolvers have hammers, they’re just enclosed.  Some have their spurs removed.  Those have more of a paddle type hammer that isn’t easily cocked by hand.  Another option blends the two approaches by extending the sidewalls of the frame and trimming the spur so there is just a nubbin protruding from the top of the weapon.  The old Smith & Wesson 438 was a popular example.

Here are five good hammerless revolvers.

1. Ruger LCR

I’m going to begin with my favorite: the Ruger LCR.  This little gun will handle both .38s and .357s.  Both kick.  But the .357 will leave your wrist sore.  I put 50 .357s through an LCR I have in for review this mast weekend and I was legitimately hurting after.  Three days out, I still have a dull ache in my wrist.









But the trigger on this is one of the lightest, easiest to aim DAO triggers I’ve ever seen.  It is almost as easy to shoot as a traditional revolver.

The LCR is light at 17.10 ounces.  The MSRP on the LCR is $599.

What I think makes this the best choice is the LCR .22LR.  If I were going to carry an LCR in .357, I’d do all of my holster training and target work with the .22 version.  It would save wear on the gun and money.

2. Taurus CIA Model 650

Taurus makes good guns and the CIA 650 is no exception.  I know some people who think Taurus makes great guns and, in their price range, I would agree.  A Taurus snub nose will do exactly what an LCR will do, but the trigger pull isn’t as nice.  That’s my only complaint.








The Taurus weighs 23.9 ounces.  The CIA 650 is stainless, which makes care a bit easier.  It has a healthy fixed blade sight and the standard three finger grip common to most of these beasts.

MSRP on the CIA 650 is $555.  The street price would come in much lower.

3. Charter Arms Undercover Lite

Charter is aiming at very specific market of shooters.  Their prices are low.  They are, surprisingly, made here in the states.  This combination might suggest that workmanship is compromised.  Fit and finish won’t be flawless.








But the guns work.  And I guess that’s why the Undercover Lite has earned my endorsement here.  I wouldn’t consider a Charter for a competition gun, but I’d carry one.

The Charter weighs an unbelievable 12 ounces, empty.  And the price is light, too: $428.  The Charters will sell for much less than that.

4. Smith & Wesson M&P 640

Maybe you have a bit more discretionary income.  It happens.  If so, I’d look at a Smith & Wesson.  I’m a huge fan of the brand.  I think Smith’s revolvers are among the best production model double actions available.  Their actions are often incredibly smooth.  The fit and finish of their guns is tight.  They are, in every way, well made.







The M&P 640 is built for hard use.  I hesitate to say that, as the gun only weighs 13.3 ounces.  As this is an S&W, the price tag will be a bit higher.  MSRP on the 640 is $869.  But the gun is incredibly well built, and the fiber optic front sight offers a distinct advantage.

5. The Smith & Wesson Model 642

The 642 has such a devoted following that there is a web board, The 642 Club, devoted to its use.  That says something.  The 642′s one drawback would be that it doesn’t fire .357s.  But the .38, especially in the +P range, is enough.









I think the price says something, too.   MSRP on this gem is $449.  And the stainless 642 only weighs 15 ounces.  That is a lot of gun for the money and it doesn’t weigh a lot.


The snub-nosed revolver is a philosophy unto itself.  The snubbie sacrifices accuracy.  It typically weigh mores than a comparably sized automatic.  The bigger the load, the more they kick.  And they certainly aren’t the most easily concealed handguns.

There is no danger of limp-wristing a revolver and getting a stove-pipe or a failure to feed.  The extractor won’t snap off.  The gun won’t shoot one round, but no more (because the magazine wasn’t seated).  Most revolvers work flawlessly.  Every time. And that, above all, is what defines a backup gun.

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Tactical Holsters

Purchasing a holster is a great experience in life that everyone should have the opportunity to live. It is now easier than ever to purchase a holster, with new stores dedicated just to them, and a whole slew of online stores that cater especially to people looking for holsters and other gun accessories. There are many different kinds of holsters that are now available for purchase, one such kind being the tactical holster. If you are looking at purchasing a tactical holster, such as the GLT holster, there are some things to know about this style of holster.
• The tactical holster allows for firearm accessories that other holster styles may not necessarily allow, such as lights and lasers, which can be strategically mounted in places such as under the barrel. Having these extra accessories can be a nice perk to consider when choosing which holster style is right for you.

• These innovate holsters are just as safe as other holsters are made to be. The makers of these holsters, such as Fobus, have taken extra care and precaution to address safety and retention issues specifically targeted to this specific holster style. This ensures that your holster experience will still be safe and simple.

• These tactical holsters are not compatible with every firearm, but you do have some different options. For example, the tactical holsters offered by Fobus are compatible with Glock models 17, 22, and 31. In the future tactical holsters may become compatible with more and more weapon models, opening up this unique holster for more concealed carry individuals.

• Speed is a given when it comes to these holsters. With features such as an open top and easy design safety strap, getting your weapon out in a flash is no problem, and it really couldn’t be any simpler.

As you can see, these new tactical holsters can provide the wearer with a range of benefits similar to other holster designs. Not only do these beauties provide you with speed, precision, and safety, but they also give you the option for add-ons such as lights or lasers under the barrel. If you’re looking for all of these features in a holster, than head on over to a holster store or site, such as Holster Land, and check out the selection. There may not be much choice yet when it comes to tactical holsters, but there may be in the near future.

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Declassified at Last: Air Force’s Supersonic Flying Saucer Schematics

Officially, aliens have never existed but flying saucers very nearly did. The National Archives has recentlypublished never-before-seen schematics and details of a 1950s military venture, called Project 1794, which aimed to build a supersonic flying saucer.

The newly declassified materials show the U.S. Air Force had a contract with a now-defunct Canadian company to build an aircraft unlike anything seen before. Project 1794 got as far as the initial rounds of product development and into prototype design. In a memo dating from 1956 the results from pre-prototype testing are summarized and reveal exactly what the developers had hoped to create.

The saucer was supposed to reach a top speed of “between Mach 3 and Mach 4, a ceiling of over 100,000 ft. and a maximum range with allowances of about 1,000 nautical miles,” according to the document.

If the plans had followed through to completion they would have created a saucer, which could spin through the Earth’s stratosphere at an average top speed of about 2,600 miles per hour. Wow. It was also designed to take off and land vertically (VTOL), using propulsion jets to control and stabilize the aircraft. Admittedly the range of 1,000 nautical miles seems limited in comparison to the other specifications – but if you’d hopped on the disk in New York it could’ve had you in Miami within about 24 minutes.

The document also hints that the product development seemed to be going better than planned; “the present design will provide a much superior performance to that estimated at the start of contract negotiations.”

It begs the question – why was the project dropped? Why aren’t wars being fought with flying saucers? The cost of continuing to prototype was estimated at $3,168,000, which roughly translates to about $26.6 million in today’s money and wouldn’t have been an insane price for such advanced technology. The problem with the other flying saucers developed under the same program (see video) is pretty clear. They didn’t get anywhere near 100,000 feet in altitude, more like five or six if you were lucky – so the military finally pulled the plug in 1960.

A USAF saucer in flight – sort of.

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Concealed Carry – What Not To Do

Once you obtain your concealed carry permit, you may think your good and golden. Sometimes people carrying a concealed weapon reek of confidence, and walk around thinking that no harm can come to them now that they are carrying a firearm. This could not be farther from the truth. As someone carrying a concealed gun, it is still important to stay out of dangerous situations. In short, don’t make yourself a target unnecessarily. Here are some things you shouldn’t do as a concealed carry permit holder.
• Don’t draw attention to yourself. This one should be obvious. Do not constantly adjust your gun, and don’t keep checking to make sure it hasn’t moved. This will draw unnecessary attention to yourself, which is the last thing that you want. The whole point of concealed carry is to keep it concealed – so make sure that is done before you even step outside your door. You want to keep the element of surprise if a dangerous situation does arrive.

• Don’t get overconfident. As said above, just because you are carrying around a gun and no one knows it, doesn’t make you invincible. Proceed with caution when needed, act just as you would if you weren’t carrying a concealed firearm. Basically don’t get cocky, don’t act like your badass, and most importantly, don’t purposely get into bad situations.

• Do not – ever – let your gun get into someone else’s hands. Make sure you know where it is at, at all times. Your weapon is registered in your name, and you don’t want someone else getting a hold of it, because the consequences can be drastic. Not only can your own weapon be used against you, but what’s going to happen if someone else uses a gun, registered in your name, to commit a violent crime?

• Lastly, don’t neglect your gun. Clean both your weapon, and holster, on a regular basis. Don’t let grime and dirt accumulate on either of these, it is crucial that you keep both in tip top shape. Another thing not to neglect is practice. When a dangerous situation presents itself, it is vital that you are prepared. Practice makes perfect when it comes to firearms and holsters.

Make sure not to do the above things, and likely everything will go great for you. It is important that you follow certain rules when you have a concealed carry permit, and these rules and recommendations are in place for good reasons. Need a new holster or gun accessory? Visit Holster Land today.

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